Friday, March 21, 2008

March 20, 2008

A great first day of spring – sunny and mid-60s. But while last week in Louisiana we were in the midst of spring with butterflies, dragonflies and other cool stuff, today I resorted to maggot photos and a photo of henbit which should soon be turning parts of the landscape purple. (Take a look at Daniel Spurgeon's Nature at Close Range blog entry on henbit.)

We did experience my favorite part of spring – extremely loud spring peepers. As we rode our bikes past flooded woods at 2 pm, we heard mostly chorus frogs with a few peepers. The return ride at 5:15 pm was mostly peepers with a few chorus frogs. I like both, but really prefer to hear the peepers. Kind of weird that someone who admits (yes, I'm embarrassed) to being creeped out by frogs, lizards, skinks . . . . thinks listening to them is the best part of spring.

And switching to birds -- my first Eastern Phoebe in Missouri this year.

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Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi, thanks for the link to my Henbit article. I laughed when I saw that you said that you took photos of maggots. I laughed because that is just the kind of thing that I would do! I recently took photos of American Coots and then wrote an article about them. Why- because I couldn't find any other cool looking water fowl that day- so the American Coot finally got some attention in the blogosphere! :) By the way, I have moved to North Alabama. There is a Birding Trail up here setup for bird watchers at various wetlands in the area- so I started a journal to record the birds seen and photographed at these sites. The blog site is The header photo for that site was one of those rare moments when the photo seems like it was from another place- surely not a record of the shutter click that I made. The photo has been sharpened- and levels adjusted- but not photoshopped in any way- even though it looks like it has. I appreciate having a fellow insect enthusiast and photographer out here in the blogosphere! :)