Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Robber Flies (Diptera Asilidae)
October 3, 2006

I was sitting on the deck and noticed a pair of Robber Flies (Diptera Asilidae) engaging in what I am assuming was courtship behavior. One was perched at the top of a twig and the other was hovering with its face close to the other fly's face. Unfortunately, my camera was in the house -- and the wrong lens was on the camera. By the time I got outside, I only had time for a couple of quick shots and wasn't entirely happy with the results. But it was so cool, I want to share it even though the photograph quality is bad enough that if it wasn't for the behavior, I'd have deleted the image.

Eventually I might learn to always take my camera outside, even if I don't expect to use it.

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